GreenFlexJET’s innovative process combines Sustainable Aviation through Biofuel Refining (SABR) technology for the refining of biodiesel from organic waste fats with the Thermo-Catalytic Reforming (TCR®) technology for the production of biocrude oil from organic solid waste.

The hydrogen for refining will be separated from syngas using a decentralised technology. As a first step, non-food competing waste vegetable oils (cooking oils) will be transformed into SAF in line with existing standards (HEFA route – ASTM D7566, Annex 2).

Using hydrogen from residual biomass conversion and renewable process energy enables a significant reduction in the remaining CO2 footprint of regular HEFA SAF.

In the second step, SAF output will be increased by producing SAF through co-refining of organic waste fats with biocrude oil from food and market waste: the resulting novel SAF will be targeted for the ASTM approvals process.


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Flowsheet of the SABR-TCR process