Sustainable Jet Fuel from Flexible Waste Biomass

Converting organic waste

into sustainable aviation fuel

The innovative GreenFlexJET project uses a diverse range of organic waste feedstocks for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production. The process offers better economics and improved overall sustainability by processing waste feedstocks near the source and at a scale that matches waste availability.

This is the first technology ever to use green hydrogen from waste feedstock for refining thereby maximising greenhouse gas savings. This project provides clear technical and economic validation, by building a demonstration plant at pre-commercial scale to deliver high quality SAF.

The GreenFlexJET project delivers a blueprint for the production and distribution of this novel SAF technology. This will be a showcase which facilitates towards the delivery of medium to long-term carbon reduction targets which have been set for the aviation industry in Europe and beyond.

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GreenFlexJET has been featured in the 30th edition of EUBCE

GreenFlexJET has been featured in the 30th edition of EUBCE

For the third time over four years, the GreenFlexJET project has attended the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) in May 2022. An online workshop dedicated to Market outlook and EU-funded R&I actions on Sustainable Aviation Fuels was hosted on...

First parts of the TCR500 reactor

First parts of the TCR500 reactor

Some pictures of the first parts of the TCR500 reactor arriving at Berkeley:Acid Scrubber and ESP for syngas cleaning. Courtesy: University of Birmingham

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