Green Fuels was honoured to receive a visit by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales on Monday 17th December 2018. As a long-term supplier of biofuel and biofuel related equipment to His Royal Highness, Green Fuels was granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment in 2013. The fuel supplied is used in The Prince’s Aston Martin, the first classic Aston Martin to be converted to run on ‘Green Fuel’, and the Royal Train, which was first operated on waste derived biodiesel in 2007; along with other vehicles.

The visit was hosted by Mr James Hygate, Green Fuels CEO and Royal Warrant Holder and Mr Edward Gillespie OBE – Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Gloucestershire.

During the visit Mr James Hygate provided a briefing on the company’s manufacturing, production and research activities, highlighting key projects.

The Prince also heard about Green Fuels’ sustainable biofuel project in Brazil where, with support from the FCO, Green Fuels’ is establishing a localised waste to biofuel project that can be replicated throughout Latin America. “This is an ambitious project that includes reforestation of degraded pasture land and urban waste collection,” said Julian Beach, Business Development Director at Green Fuels. The project is the first stage in a scheme in the southeast region of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais that will eventually be a £200 million project with the reforestation of 300,000 acres of degraded land, and involving at least 46 municipalities.

The visit moved onto the renewable fuel laboratories to learn of projects currently underway at Green Fuels Research (GFR). His Royal Highness saw waste being converted into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) through GFR’s SABR process. This process is a key component of Project Flexjet which will initially establish a waste to SAF demonstration facility in Germany supplying the airlines such as BA. “The Prince was shown the potential impact of SAF in decarbonising aviation and heard how the UK was leading the way in the processing of waste in this game-changing field” said Dr Sergio Lima, Senior Research Scientist. Project Flexjet has been part funded by the European Union with the aim to catalyse the production of SAF within Europe.

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University of Birmingham
Miloud Ouadi,
Project Management Team

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Project Dissemination Team

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